Hello from Guild Jewellery Design

So we've finally done it, a really big upgrade from our previous website that now allows us to communicate more openly with our customers and followers.

To everyone reading we say welcome to the Guild Jewellery Design Blog Page.  On this page we plan to feature our thoughts on our growing range, helpful tips on caring for your jewellery, and plans for the future including coming products, exhibitions we will be attending, and DC Comics related projects in other industries.

The first big piece of news to share with everyone is that we have officially signed up again with Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and DC Comics to not only continue our current line for the next 3 years, but also to expand it. As many of you may have noticed, earlier this year we had released a pair of Limited Edition products in conjunction with the Batman Arkham video game series, sold only at the OzComicCon conventions. What we haven't told you yet is that we have also acquired the license for the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie coming in March 2016.

Got to admit, we're really excited to be working with such a huge movie license.

We are also playing with some new designs, and new jewellery manufacturing technology that really keep us ahead in the game of production and what we can achieve.

Please keep an eye on this blog and we hope to share more with you all. As always we are happy to answer questions, so don't hesitate to email us via our "Contact" Page.

Thanks for reading!

Guild Jewellery Design