Countdown to OzComicCon

I can't believe that OzComicCon is once again upon us, with less than a month until the final run of OzComicCon events for 2015. On the 19th and 20th of September in Brisbane, and then doing it all again in Sydney the week after. Where has the time gone? How is it September already?

Granted there were teething issues last year in Brisbane and Sydney for the first OzComicCons in either city. But with massive improvements to dates, advertising power, free events, and competitions planned for the convention, we (as in all stall holders) look forward to a massive pair of weekends.

Within the next week or so we'll have completed a huge production run in order to fill the orders of our stockists and tackle the convention crowd. And what's better is that we will be carrying reserved stock of our Limited Edition Batman Arkham Knight Pendants and Cufflinks. Only 50 of each (less now after Melbourne OzComicCon) are available in the world, and are ONLY sold at OzComicCon weekends.

We're looking forward to an incredibly busy September and seeing our Brisbane and Sydney fans soon. And if you're after more details about when and where OzComicCon will be held next in your city, just follow the link below

Goodbye for now!