Custom Orders and Personalised Products

If you're reading this blog then surely you are familiar with Guild Jewellery Design and our line of DC Comics Jewellery. But a lot of you may be unaware that mass produced quality jewellery is only one aspect of the business. The flip side to this coin is that, being properly educated and trained in traditional jewellery making, I also make high quality customised jewellery for the individual.

I get to sit down with individuals or couples to help bring their vision to a physical reality, whether it be engagement or wedding rings, pendants, earrings, cufflinks, and the list goes on. The beautiful thing about the modern age of communication is that I can converse via email or any one of the many messaging applications available. "Sitting down" with the client is no longer a directly face to face thing. I can travel the country to conventions like OzComicCon, meet new clients, and then continue the jewellery making process well after the convention is over.

A great deal of what I do at conventions is selling DC Comics Jewellery, but there is always a customer (or customers) who want something unique and ask whether such a thing is possible. The answer is always a resounding yes. Of course the second question is a lot harder to answer off the bat: "How much will it cost?" and this always depends on how much effort and materials go into making the design come to life.

I put effort and materials in that order for a purpose. Making a custom order is not the same as the mass production of the DC Comics products. Mass produced items are always much cheaper because they are produced on mass. I take the initial cost of taking the time to make an original master piece of jewellery and spread it out over the lifetime of the mass produced item, and that's how they become affordable to everyone.

Materials are secondary in most cases of custom orders, and the price will vary if asking for (for example) a ring in sterling silver as opposed to the same ring in 18ct yellow gold. The labour/effort will always remain the same if the design remains the same.

Most people understand this dynamic and say "that's a great price, how do we order?", but there is on occasion someone who doesn't understand the difference in dynamic between custom made and mass produced retail products.

I certainly hope that what you have just read helps you understand that the value of personalised, custom made jewellery is stronger that what is produced on mass regardless of how high quality it is.

Thank you for reading.

PS - if you or anyone you know is interested in having custom jewellery made, please direct them to visit Andrew Nicholas Jewellery, where I display all of my custom work for private clients, and you can sent me a direct email via or my Contact page.