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Star TrekTM Jewellery Set to Beam into Australia

CBS Consumer Products and Fremantle Media, its Australian licensing representative, have announced the launch of Star Trek jewellery in Australia and New Zealand. Australian jewellery manufacturer, Guild Jewellery Design, has signed on to release a line of Star Trek designs.

Currently known for producing DC Comics brand items, Guild Jewellery Design will design, produce and distribute jewellery featuring iconic Star Trek symbols and artwork.

The full range of jewellery, under license by CBS Consumer Products, is comprised of pendants, charms, earrings, and brooches are sterling silver, with hard rhodium plated and enamelled brass cufflinks making them affordable to fans of all ages. And with the ever expanding universe of Star Trek television, movies, books and videogames, the possibility of future products is endless.

Star Trek jewellery will be available for sale mid-May.



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